Our Values, Your Successes

Core Purpose | Why We Exist

As a growth-oriented organization, Faith Technologies’ focus on financial strength and future perpetuity are key factors in building success for our partners, our clients, and our employees. When coupled with our vision, mission, and core value statements, our teams are armed to deliver on our most closely-held, core purpose: Creating World Class Opportunities to Succeed.

Core Value Statements | Who We Are

In order to achieve our vision and mission, Faith Technologies holds the following values in high regard, and understands them to be central to who we are as a national contractor:

Mission Statement | What We Do

Making our customers and ourselves better through passion, practical solutions, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Vision 20/20 | What We Aspire To Be

Faith Technologies is an employee owned national leader and preferred partner of organizations seeking comprehensive practical solutions to complex technology processes, systems management, new construction development, and mission critical electrical integration. Merit based at its core, Faith provides a best-in-class environment for growing and maintaining superior talent at all levels of the organization. Faith has established a path for ongoing transition, and our team of educated, inspired leader-owners are dedicated to the organization’s principles and prepared to move the organization into the future.