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BIM: Continuing to Add Value

Lambeau Field - Green Bay, WIFootball season is officially here, and Wisconsin fans are getting ready to head to Lambeau Field to watch the Green Bay Packers play. Built in 1957, Lambeau Field is one of the oldest professional football stadiums, and currently has one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets at roughly 96,000. Why may you ask? With renovations happening on a regular basis, it holds one foot in deep tradition while still modernizing itself to attract an even larger fan base. But what does that have to do with Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Much like Lambeau Field, CAD/BIM holds itself in traditional ways as well. Documentation for a construction process starts as lines on paper to represent what a building will look like and how it is to be constructed.

While BIM is still able to produce the typical drawings, it can also build in a virtual 3D environment adding detail in a way that can be accessed in real time. As our customers (fans) see what we can do, we continue to add value to keep them asking for more: 

  • 4D: Scheduling
  • 5D: Estimating (cost association)
  • COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange)

As we continue to create more intelligent models, more people will sign up for the extended information and value that it brings. Our customers (fans) can virtually walk through their facility long before it is built, associating time with tasks. They can see how far construction should be at any given time, and with the 5D component, we can give a rough cost of the construction. By adding COBie information, customers can have a virtual file cabinet containing information for their facility maintenance.

The end result is traditional documentation from a modern platform delivering a better customer (fan) experience. Game on!