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Building the Technician of the Future

With the ever-rising popularity of the IoT (Internet of Things) and intelligent building concepts, the need for qualified installers and technicians is greater than ever. The structured cabling systems that support IoT are becoming more dense, complex, and more critical to ensure success in our workplaces today. The number of these intelligent devices in the world is now measured in the tens of billions, and the market value for this industry has grown to trillions of dollars, with no sign of slowing.

Fortunately, our training programs at Faith Technologies are being continually assessed, modified, and re-aligned to ensure that we’re on target to meet the evolving technological demands of our clients today and in the future. One of our programs that’s critical to the success of building the technician of the future is our Electronic Systems Technician (EST) training program, and one of the pillars of success that this program stands upon is BICSI.

BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. They create training materials and manuals that we use within our programs to provide our technicians with the skills they’ll need to be successful. In a previous blog post I explained how we, with the help of BICSI, are able to provide our technicians with an international certification that they can carry with them throughout their careers. Since then, we’ve continued to evolve our program, have moved our BICSI-authorized training facility into a much larger space, and have grown to more than 100 certified technicians in our company who specialize in installing, certifying, and maintaining structured cabling systems.

We may not know exactly what the technological landscape will look like down the road, but with Faith’s industry-leading training, and the support of BICSI, our technicians of the future will be poised and ready to meet the demands.

If you are interested in a career as a BICSI-certified technician and want to find out more about Faith Technologies, check out this video on our Apprenticeship Program. We’re always updating our Job Postings list at, so be sure to check them out!