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Faith Technologies Launches “What’s Your Why?” Safety Campaign

In January, Faith Technologies launched a “What’s Your Why?” safety campaign, encouraging employees to make a personal commitment to safety.

The campaign kicked off during our annual training weeks, where we asked every employee to tell us why they work safe. Some employees said they want to walk their daughters down the aisle at their weddings. Others mentioned their desire to see their sons and daughters graduate from college. Many talked about the need to go back home every day to be with their loved ones, be it wives, husbands, sons, daughters, parents, nieces, nephews and even pets. Some stated their desire to stay around long enough to continue to enjoy their hobbies like fishing, hunting, traveling, coaching, or walking their pets. The responses we received confirmed something we’ve always believed to be true – that most of our employees work safe because of personal reasons that are near and dear to their hearts.

This campaign is not only meant to remind our employees about the personal benefits of working safe, it’s also meant to reinforce the importance of them taking personal responsibility for their safety. Throughout this year, we’ll continue to spread this message on different platforms and through various activities. We started by creating a new “What’s Your Why?” logo, and have already included it on hard hat stickers and cell phone card holders that have been distributed to employees. Both are great daily reminders, and we look forward to continuing this throughout the year.

What does having a personal commitment to safety mean? It means an employee won’t take the chance of by-passing a lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) procedure or neglect to utilize a fall protection device when needed. It is their refusal to sacrifice their safety and health in the name of getting the job done, and is the conscious effort employees make to ensure they go home to their loved ones every day. Is this always going to be easy? No! Personal commitment to safety is always going to be tested by different factors. These may include peer pressure or the desire to get the job done as fast as possible, skipping safety steps. It is in these times that employees should remember the personal benefits of being committed to safety and use those as incentives to stay the course.

Faith Technologies believes that a personal commitment to safety by far surpasses any safety programs and or procedures we have. We provide the best trainings, well-written safety policies and procedures, and state-of-the art safety devices and equipment, but if our employees are not personally committed to going home safe every day, those won’t mean anything. In fact, safety procedures, training and equipment are more viable when you have a personal commitment to safety.