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Four Ways the Hiring Manager Plays a Key Role in Onboarding

Untitled-designWhile Human Resources (HR) plays an active part in the talent acquisition and initial orientation phase of new employees, the hiring manager plays an important role in the onboarding process. In fact, the relationship between a new employee and his or her manager can be a determining factor in whether an employee chooses to stay with an organization. According to a study released by Ultimate Software, 33% of employees knew whether they would stay at their company long-term after being on the job for one week or less; 63% had decided within the first month.

Here are four ways the hiring manager can ensure their new employee’s first impression is a positive one, as well as help facilitate the employee’s successful integration into the organization over time:

  • He or she can promote a better understanding of the company’s culture, mission, and values. According to Modern Survey, employees who say their organizational values are “known and understood” are 51 times more likely to be fully-engaged than an employee who responds that their organization does not have values that are known and understood.

As a new employee, it takes time to understand the company and its culture. As the hiring manager, you can assist with this transition by modeling the behaviors you expect from your employees. Give them examples of ways they can contribute that will promote the company’s culture. Communicate how the new employee’s role and job responsibilities support and align with the company’s mission and values.

  • He or she can help foster a feeling of belonging. Employees that feel they belong are more satisfied and motivated to perform better. New employees need to know their managers are there to support them and help them feel a part of the organization. Check in with them often, whether in person, by email, or phone.
  • He or she can drive speed to competence. By spending time with new employees and introducing them to important information, resources, and tools, you are able to reduce the amount of time needed for them to “hit the ground running.” Provide training, as needed, to help the employee understand internal systems, general operating practices, etc.
  • He or she can help cultivate relationship-building and networking. The hiring manager is often the gateway to establishing relationships across the organization – relationships that are helpful in keeping the new employee engaged and productive. Look for opportunities to introduce your new employee to organizational stakeholders, supporting departments, key vendors and/or customers, etc.

Even if your organization has a formal onboarding process, as a hiring manager, you play an integral role in the onboarding process. Your involvement is key in helping employees not only get oriented to their new company and role, which helps reduce turnover, but in inspiring great performance long-term.