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FTI Employees Take Time to Recharge

Between time spent working, caring for family, social commitments, tackling those ever-growing to-do lists and more, it can be difficult to find time for self-care – or, time to recharge. Focusing on total well-being, including mental health, is more important now than ever. It’s crucial to find time to recharge your mental health before stress leads to burnout, or further health concerns. Being proactive in caring for your mental health can improve your energy, motivation and even boost your productivity.

In support of team members’ well-being, FTI introduced a new Time to Recharge benefit in August of 2021, designed to give employees the time off they need to focus on their total well-being – mind, body and soul. Each team member receives two hours of paid time off every month to use toward self-care, training and/or professional health services. At FTI, we understand how crucial taking time to recharge can be to one’s mental and physical health.

When team members use their time to recharge for self-care, it’s categorized into three main areas of focus:

  • Mind: Focusing on learning, growth and mindset
  • Body: Focusing on movement, rest and nourishment
  • Soul: Focusing on presence, connection and fulfillment

Additionally, employees can use their time to recharge for professional health services such as health check-ups, attending a counseling session or receiving professional or personal coaching. Time can also be used toward training. Mental health, mindfulness and stress management training is offered to all FTI team members, along with webinars and soft skill courses through the Employee Assistance Program.

Over the last six months, nearly 90% of our team members have taken advantage of our Time to Recharge benefit, with over 16,000 hours used. So many stories have been shared by our team members about their appreciation for this benefit and how they’ve used their time to recharge. From time needed for car repairs to spending more time with family to studying for an exam, our employees are taking advantage of this time-off benefit to help support their well-being.

At FTI, our Culture of Care ensures we continue to keep mental health top-of-mind to support our team members and ensure they feel valued and supported both professionally and personally. We strive to enable a positive and stigma-free culture where mental health conversations are normalized, and where getting help and asking for support is as routine as getting help for any other health concern. During our daily Culture of Care Check-Ins, two questions are asked of our team members to think about and discuss if they feel comfortable: what’s taking up most of my headspace currently, and what’s one thing I can do to ensure my mindset will allow me to be safe, productive and effective today? We encourage individuals to talk through what’s on their mind so that we can all support one another and refer to possible outside resources if needed. These check-ins, coupled with the Time To Recharge benefit, encourage those valuable conversations among our team members. Because of course, we are all humans first, employees second.