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How to Set Personal Development Goals

Personal DevelopmentAs the Director of Business Development for one of the fastest growing electrical contractors in the construction industry, I’ve quickly learned no day is ever the same. With an extremely fast-paced environment challenging us every work day, it is important to stay focused and goal driven. I’m not talking about company goals here – I’m talking about personal development goals (PDG’s).

Your PDG’s are what you continue to work on to make yourself a better employee through an external source for development or training. Each week, I recommend each employee spends approximately one hour focused solely on their PDG.  This may be an online course, reading a manual on a product/program, or watching “how to” tutorials. This may also be used to research a goal to learn.

PDG’s are great for you and the company you work for because in the process of improving yourself professionally, you also make yourself more promotable and valuable to the company. In addition, you become more goal-driven as you develop professionally and you experience continued results. It’s a win/win proposition for both you and your employer.

A wise high school football coach once told me “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Planning out your PDG needs to be singular and very specific. For example: If you want to learn how to use a new software program, you should do your homework on training aids available to you. Once you find the right aid, you can plan out how you are going to attack the learning process. You may want to break-up the training to best fit your schedule.

Over time, you can learn just about anything you establish as your PDG, so don’t wait. Begin planning your personal road to success, and reach your goals.