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In-House Apprenticeship Program Teaches Core Values

At Faith Technologies, we have a strong in-house apprenticeship program where we proudly teach more than just electrical knowledge. In the fall of 2010, Faith first introduced the program in our Lenexa, Kan. facility; then in the fall of 2014, we began our Neenah, Wisc. program. The goal has always been to bring more value to the students and to our workforce, making them smarter and more efficient both in and out of the classroom. We do this by incorporating education and common sense practices in a drive to instill the best knowledge into our great workforce.

In creating our apprenticeship program, the first thing we did was redefine what’s possible, which is a core value at Faith. As a collaborative group, we came up with a new way to “teach apprenticeship.” Common sense says, “Let’s teach to what the apprentices are actually going to use in the field first,” so that’s exactly what we did. We brought things like safety and conduit bending in on day one rather than day 90, making us more efficient, and have continued to build our curriculum based on this simple concept.

The second core value we strive to meet every day is the uncompromised focus on keeping people safe. Two examples of how we focus on safety throughout our training include bringing in our key safety leaders to talk with the apprentices, and creating operational risk management (ORM) boards for various hands-on lab activities. We challenge our apprentices to stop and think several steps ahead about what they’re doing for the day, and how they can keep themselves and those around them safe. This process helps all of us reflect on how we can make things better, more efficient, and ultimately, safer.

In Faith’s apprenticeship program, our learning and development team strives to bring the best and most accurate knowledge to our workforce by living and teaching our core values each day. How is your organization living its core values?