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Interviewing Tips for a Skilled Labor Job

I’ve spent several decades in the world of human resources (HR), and have seen both good and not-so-good interviews. There are things that many of my HR colleagues and I look for when we’re going to make a hire, and whether you’re going for an office job or a field position, many of the same principles apply. You need to present yourself in a professional manner, dress appropriately, and look like you want the job in order to be considered for the position you’re vying for.

Below are a few pointers to help you succeed at your job search:

Make Your Resume Stand Out

  • Communicate your skills and certifications.
  • Let the employer know what you can do for them. Although this is your resume, it’s also about your reader and what you can bring to their team.
  • Use summaries and bullets to keep it easy to skim.

Answer All the Questions

  • Don’t leave sections blank on the application; if it does not apply, use “N/A.” If you don’t do this, the employer may think you missed the question.
  • Don’t say “see resume” on the application form. There is a reason each question is put on the application, so take the time to answer every single one.

Learn Technology

  • Many large companies will host interviews via Skype or other video calling services in an effort to save time. Learn this technology if needed; it will also demonstrate that you’re willing to continue to learn what’s needed to do the job. There is more technology being used in skilled labor positions today, so it’s important to you show your potential employer you can use it.

Dress Appropriately

  • If you are going to be working in a more skilled labor/field role, it’s okay to wear jeans as long as they are nice jeans (no holes, tears, dirt, etc.).
  • Work boots are allowed, and again, should be clean and free from extreme wear. A nice button down shirt will add a professional touch, as well.
  • If you’re calling in via video-conference, you should still dress professionally.

Show Your Appreciation

  • Thank-you letters or emails show a great deal of respect and appreciation. Most companies communicate mainly via email, so a follow-up email may be the most effective, time-sensitive way to correspond with your interviewer. A thank-you note should be mailed if the company does not use electronic communication methods.

Follow Up If You’re Interested

  • If you make a follow-up phone call, it shows that you are genuinely interested in getting the job.

The tips presented here may help you stand out in a crowd of applicants. Through each of these processes, the purpose from the employer’s end is to weed out who they don’t want, so every step of the way, you need to prove yourself. Once you get to the on-site interview, they’re down to the people they really want to hire, but even then you still have competition. Make sure you connect with the people in your face-to-face interview; one of them will likely be your boss, and you want to establish a positive relationship from the start.


The Faith Technologies team is always seeking the best talent. Use these tips to help your candidacy stand out from the rest! If you are interested in working for Faith Technologies, visit our Careers page to learn more about our unique culture and career opportunities near you.