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NFPA 70E Training: Did You Do Enough?

As you reflect on 2015 and all you accomplished during the last year, it’s the perfect time to also think ahead and begin setting new goals for 2016. What are you looking forward to?

Looking back, did you do everything you could to help keep our workers safe, so they could go home to their loved ones each day? I hope the answer is “yes,” but with an honest assessment, the answer may be “no.” Training, for example, might have been an area you put on the backburner – and NFPA 70E training in particular. While it’s a very important area to assess, it’s only required every three years, so it might have been as top-of-mind.

To ensure this doesn’t happen in the New Year, consider the key questions below while establishing your electrical safe work practices.

  • Are you training your employees with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE)?
  • Are your employees wearing the correct AR level of PPE to work on the hazard they are assigned?
  • Have you had a formal arc flash assessment? If not, are your employees wearing the PPE per Table 130.7(C) (15) in the 2015 NFPA 70E code book?
  • Is the correct meter being used? Is there a process in place to test the meter pre-use and post-use on different live sources?
  • Do you have a formal glove program in place to test gloves on a six month basis? Do you test the gloves before each use?
  • Have you conducted a review of your current lock out/tag out (LOTO) program?

All of these things should come into play when reassessing your electrical goals for 2016. If you conduct a thorough, honest review of your program, you’ll find you can always make things safer by adequately training. Let us know what key questions you’re asking as you review your electrical safe work practices!

From all of us at Faith Technologies – Happy Holidays!