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The Many Benefits of Trimble Locating Services

Trimble1When I was a field technician, I was involved on a wide variety of projects that almost always had one common task – installing underground conduit of some shape or form.

One of the biggest concerns an electrician completing this installation has is the looming question – did we get everything installed in the exact location it needed to be? In my experience, we would stretch string lines in a grid all over a job site to measure off of, check, and then double-check our measurements for accuracy. This was time consuming process, and it was easy for measurements to be slightly off.

I often wondered if there was a way to install underground conduit with “pin-point accuracy,” and at Faith Technologies we discovered a solution! We began capitalizing on the benefits of technology provided in a piece equipment, that in my opinion, is worth its weight in gold – the Trimble Robotic Total Station.

This powerful tool delivers the peace of mind that you have every conduit in its proper location. By using triangulation from known locations points on every project, it can be applied to almost any type of job. By utilizing AutoCAD or Revit software, control points (reference points) can be established for the Trimble device, and field points can then be added at each location you desire to have a conduit turn up for installation.

The tolerance for location shots on-site is within an eighth of an inch, and the amount of time saved on projects reaches astronomical proportions when you witness how quickly an entire underground installation can be located using this device. Running it is a one man show, as well. The setup time is minimal, and the Trimble operator can usually do the work it would normally take two men 40 hours, in an 8-10 hour timeframe, and you can rest assured that it is accurate within a fraction of an inch.

Using the Trimble, there are a wide variety of other items that can be located on projects too. Such items as anchors in elevated decks prior to concrete pours, locating sleeve locations on elevated decks, light pole base locations and elevations, core drill locations, light fixture locations, and anything and everything of the like. 

If you have not personally experienced the value a Trimble can provide on your project, then I urge you to give it a try it, or reach out to a peer that has used it, and learn firsthand of its many benefits.