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The National Projects Group Focus

Faith Technologies - National Projects GroupIn my previous blog article entitled “Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees,” I introduced Faith TechnologiesNational Projects Group (NPG) – a program designed to support and recognize employees who serve our customers beyond our branch office locations. Created in 2008, the program is continuously evolving and allows employees to volunteer for the experience and compensation of working on national projects. NPG focuses on the following five areas:

Employee Recognition:  For many in the electrical trade, travel work is not their first preference; however, it has quickly become a requirement for our industry. The people who make the sacrifice to do this work want to know that what they do is appreciated. NPG members receive t-shirts and backpacks upon joining the group; members who travel for extended periods of time earn gift cards and other incentives.

Field Employee Support:  Our project management team provides support to these traveling employees in the way of providing work schedules that allow for trips home, ensuring travelers can be placed on local jobs when they are in between travel jobs, making sure they are provided with all the information regarding the location they will be traveling to and places they can stay, and by making sure they have access to the necessary resources and contact information they may need. This is an especially important component because it ensures NPG members still feel connected to the company while traveling.

Customized Education Program:  Education is a high priority for Faith Technologies, so NPG began working with our Learning and Development department to find ways for traveling employees to complete the necessary training. It was hard for traveling employees to complete their training while working so far away from branch offices, so in 2010, Faith Technologies began offering NPG Training weeks (now held twice per year). These training weeks are filled with many essential courses for employees, allowing them the chance to complete the necessary training at one location over a few days. This has significantly increased the training compliance among all employees.

Licensing Incentives:  Along with travel work, comes the necessary licensing many states now require. Employees who obtain licenses in states Faith Technologies has identified as having a high potential for work earn an hourly kicker. This means the employee will earn a higher hourly wage for all hours worked in the state he or she holds the license in.

Project Management Support: In addition to providing support and incentives to the field employees, NPG also assists project managers with their staffing needs on jobs they are unable to staff with their own group of employees. To do this, NPG collected travel preference information from Faith Technologies employees, as well as performance feedback on staffing agencies and other electrical contractors. This information is then used to help provide project managers with staffing to best fill their need.

Faith Technologies realizes our people are the single most important part of our success, so we strive to find ways to support our employees to ensure their success. Faith Technologies as a whole is behind this NPG initiative for the far reaching confidence it helps instill in our products, services, and people.