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Use Technology to Reach Your Maximum Potential

TechnologyWith the speed of today’s technology – its creation, adoption, and constant upgrades – the phone in your pocket and other technologies continue to be updated regularly. But do you know why the software was updated?  Do you realize what efficiencies were added, or even those that were taken away?

At Faith Technologies, we utilize several pieces of software to design and detail our work in order to distribute to the fields efficiently and accurately. In each of these software packages, we have to learn the capabilities and shortcomings, as well as develop modifications by programming features that allow us to build more efficiencies into our workflow.

As our preconstruction team continues to grow its population, software, and technology tools, we’ve had to create a plan in order to keep up with the extensive technological tools we utilize. There are several methodologies offered to educate employees including face-to-face classroom training, online instructor training, and learn-at-your-own-pace book training, and online tutorials; however all of these learning methods can become interrupted as billable work takes priority.

As a result, we’ve created a blended learning approach as the most advantageous form of training. Utilizing online training to understand the software at the beginner / intermediate level allows for a more focused face-to-face training session with our software experts. This is intended for employees to gain a better understanding of Faith Technologies’ goals and objectives as they learn the tools they need on a daily basis. We have cut our typical software comprehension time by one third, and have been able to focus on what is important for our business needs.

This process has allowed our team to dig further into the capabilities of our primary software, and work on developing a means to provide short training sessions to further expand the capabilities of our preconstruction group. With the challenge of transferring building information modeling (BIM) knowledge to the field, we utilize a condensed version of face-to-face training with field staff on a regular basis. This allows our electricians to utilize technology tools such as robotic total station (The Many Benefits of Trimble Locating Services) and BIM in a Box (BIM Technology: Office to Field).

In order to continue to be the premier electrical contractor of choice, it is important to not only know how to use the current technology, but to stretch it to the maximum potential. This ensures that each user can operate that technology as quickly as possible, and work to complete our project goals efficiently.