September 12, 2012

Welcome to the Warranty Period

Welcome to the Warranty PeriodHow should a service contractor view a warranty period? Is it a necessary evil? Or is it an uncontrolled cost of doing business for which you must carry a contingency? 

A warranty period can last anywhere from two to 15 years, depending on what a manufacturer offers. Even though every effort is made to manufacture a quality project, it does not ensure device and equipment failures may not occur over this course of time. Some manufacturers will reimburse contractors for labor costs incurred while repairing or replacing their defective product, but not all.

This is certainly a cost consideration for contractors. They are on the hook for both parts and labor in the initial warranty period, and can view this in two different ways: build your warranty contingency fund and hope the phone doesn’t ring, or embrace the opportunity the warranty period offers. Faith Technologies has chosen the latter, as we realize the client already knows our company. The warranty period allows us to introduce our service team, giving our company exclusive rights to maintain everything installed for one year.

To our client, their bargain is that it’s free. Every time they call, we have opportunity to build good will, familiarity, and a sense of fairness. I cannot think of a better way to impress a potential service client than to provide first rate service and then present a zero cost invoice. And that’s our bargain.

Faith Technologies also offers an 11-month check-up. We survey the condition of our client’s installed products, as well as offer a no-cost repair as their warranty is about to expire, and in turn our client’s value our service so much more.

We all invest in advertising, marketing, and business development of some sort. Is it possible that warranty administration is another investment we can’t afford to overlook? It just may be the bargain that you and your clients have been waiting for.