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What’s in Your Service Vehicle?

IMAG0044 - cropped2You’ve seen the TV commercial for the Capital One credit card, right? The clip with Alec Baldwin and all those Vikings? Well, I don’t normally pay much attention to TV commercials, but for some reason the “What’s in Your Wallet?” phrase suddenly had me thinking about the significance of what we carry around. It got me thinking about service vehicles, and if the tools and materials we stock these vehicles with even matter. I think they do!

As service professionals, we are expected to keep common items on hand. After reviewing past customer experiences, tracking tool usage, and how often items are replenished in our vehicle inventory, we are able to identify the most commonly used items.

Our vehicles are now equipped with the top 100 materials and top 15 tools. Having these items on hand offers efficiency and true value to our customers, leading to less procurement time, and more time installing product.

So the next time you see a Faith Technologies’ service vehicle, you won’t see Alec Baldwin or any Vikings. Instead you will see a vehicle best equipped to serve our customers. What’s in your service vehicle?