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When it Comes to Customer Satisfaction, Everyone Plays a Role.

When it Comes to Customer Satisfaction, Everyone Plays a Role - croppedSomething universal, whether in manufacturing or construction, is a lack of understanding of the impact those who perform the work have on customer service/satisfaction – and ultimately whether you gain or lose the next job.

As an employee transitions from a work site or production to an office setting, there is even less belief that the office work impacts customer service/satisfaction, or sales to any extent. It’s perhaps easier in the manufacturing arena as the worker often sees the customer name directly associated with the product being produced, but that’s not the case in construction. Our customer may be the business owner, architect-designer, the government, or the general contractor.

At Faith Technologies, a large percentage of our business comes from repeat customers. How does a customer choose the contractor they want to work with? Beyond capabilities and cost, we’ve learned other key factors include demonstrated past performance, positive relationships, and recognized top notch workers. We often have customers request the same superintendent and work team for their next job. If you visit our project sites, you will find our workers to be one of, if not the most, productive and visible on site – with hard hats, and consistent dress that tells everyone “I work for Faith Technologies.” Our employees are Faith Technologies, and here we all represent our company and continually strive to perform beyond expectation and maintain a positive rapport with our customer and other contractors on the site.

What about the office worker distant from the job site? Some may have direct contact with external customers, but others may not. The thing to remember is that even though the people you provide information and services to are inside the company, they are still your customer. Serving your internal customers with quality and consistency has a direct effect on how the field personnel perform on the project site.

So, if you think you’re “just a worker,” think again. You very well may have the largest influence on sales, customer satisfaction, and future job opportunities. This is one of the key ingredients that make Faith Technologies the best in the business. A great company is not made up of one or two superstars that make things happen – it requires superstars and high performers in every function to support the whole team in delivering our best.

The next time you see a new project sold, think about your influence and recognize that you had something key to do with that success.