June 14, 2019

Who’s Faith: Ground-Up Growth and Career Pathing

“Ground-up Growth” is more than just a phrase to us at Faith Technologies. It’s a mentality that we pride ourselves on having because it puts our employees in the spotlight to move, grow and change in their careers.

Development and growth are two terms that coincide with a career at Faith. In fact, did you know that Faith Technologies’ CEO, Mike Jansen, began his career at Faith as an electrical apprentice? His is just one of the many different career paths available at Faith, and countless Faith employees and leadership team members have had similar experiences as well.

With numerous career development programs offering options to enroll in our continuing education courses, it’s true that no two career paths are the same. The path to success isn’t limited to one direction. With programs like HiPo (High Potential) and A.C.E (Advocate. Council. Encourage) in place, employees are given mentors, courses and training to further their careers and skills. Furthermore, our comprehensive learning and training facility, Faith Technologies University, offers apprenticeship and training programs, learning and career enhancement courses, to help us ensure our employees have the tools and resources for a successful and prosperous future.

To learn more about a career at Faith Technologies, view the video in this post, and check out our website https://www.faithtechnologies.com/careers/ . What direction is your career heading?