Electrical Engineering & Installation

Faith Technologies is one of the nation’s leading electrical, engineering, and technology systems contractors. Our electrical services are supported with 45 years of experience in a wide range of building types, so you can feel confident that we approach any project with a high level of safety, quality and reliability. We’ve even developed a National Projects Group, which is an elite program that allows employees to volunteer for the experience and compensation of working on projects nationwide. What it means for our customers is an electrical contracting company you can have confidence in, no matter where you’re located.

We build all of our electrical systems with long-term value, low maintenance, expandability and optimized life cycles in mind. Through efficient construction management, advanced technology and industry experience, we consistently find ways to reduce overall project costs. We are known for facing and overcoming project challenges by utilizing new materials and techniques, and are continually looking for efficiencies in delivery.

Our commitment to our customers, community and employees is the basis for our success. We’re especially proud of our productivity program, which is our company-specific Lean initiative that helps eliminate waste, improve processes and reduce costs that could be transferred to you, our customers.

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