Navigating your career path can be challenging, and often times finding the right organization that supports your values and vision is just as important as the job itself. Faith Technologies embraces that challenge, and offers potential candidates the tools they need to explore career opportunities and the abundant benefits available.

If you don’t know Faith, now is the time to learn. Below is what you can expect when you work here:


You can be the most innovative company in the world, but it doesn’t mean a thing without safety. Protecting our people and our projects are our highest priority, and it shows. We dramatically increased jobsite activity in 2016, yet we were still able to achieve the lowest Recordable Incident Rates in company history.

Career Path Opportunities

Every person on our team has the opportunity to advance within the organization – so long as they possess the willingness to learn and grow. Faith Technologies offers each employee career path planning to help identify professional goals and encourage continuous improvement. It’s resulted in 32% of our associates being promoted just last year. This process is employee owned and leader supported.


We realize that our success stems directly from our employees, and that’s why we’re committed to finding, developing, and retaining the best talent available. When you work at Faith Technologies, you’re joining a team driven by character and integrity – not ego.

Health & Wellness

The stronger the body, the sharper the mind. Faith Technologies’ award-winning wellness program provides you with countless opportunities to improve your health, well-being, and confidence. You can enjoy wellness reimbursements for health club fees and run/walk events, while participating in incentive programs, annual health risk assessments, and wellness tools that extend to the whole family. Our wellness coordinator’s stride in health and well-being has been recognized with a Top 100 accolade.

Education & Training

We never stop investing in our team because we always want to encourage growth. Throughout your entire career at Faith Technologies, you’ll have access to a number of programs that help you advance on both personal and professional levels. We equip employees with a variety of skills, from advanced technical and safety training, to high-level leadership training.