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Productivity & Logistics

Turning Technology Into a Competitive Advantage

Driving industry change isn’t for everyone; watching from afar can be easier and less risky.

But for those of us who have an appetite for transformation and a passion for finding a better way, driving industry change is a badge of honor. Our productivity and logistics change agents drive daily process improvements that elevate our bottom line and those of our customers.


Faith Technologies’ core competency of coaching continuous improvement on our job sites drives industry-leading productivity, and demonstrates the commitment Faith has to our clients.

Founded on lean principles and committed to research, analysis and Kaizen continuous improvement practices, Faith’s approach to productivity allows us to reach unprecedented productivity levels.  Our productivity teams perform jobsite time studies, implementing positive process changes that have boosted value-added time by more than 20%, facilitating a 92.3% increase in production.

Our teams have set a new bar for improvement, and continue to lead the way in best practices for efficiency and safety by employing proprietary productivity measuring methods, education, and onsite job coaching. We have also taken a stance against waste time on jobsites, identifying and eliminating unnecessary, non-value-added activity that some construction companies accept as standard.

All of this ensures Faith Technologies consistently uses the safest and most cost-effective and efficient approaches—even on highly complex projects. These efforts have put Faith at the forefront of productivity within the industry, with what is recognized as best-in-business. With nationwide labor shortages impacting construction, these improvements are critical to doing more with fewer resources.


At Faith Technologies, our lean manufacturing mindset doesn’t stop in the shop. We extend that thinking into everything we do, and have become a leader in industry disruption. With an aggressive goal of continually delivering more value to our customers, we have made bold logistic moves to:

  • Consolidate purchases and engage more deeply with selected logistic partners
  • Improve the capacity of our manufacturing assets
  • Optimize the utilization of distribution capacity within our supply chain
  • Support on-site construction to improve productivity
  • Secure national-level resources for our business, which enables us to access value-added services and volume pricing, enabling us to control costs for our customers.