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Taking Control of Your Energy Future

Our energy solutions team will help you collect information on where your energy is going and how that affects your company’s operations. Studying the data from an energy management system (EMS) alongside your operations team, we identify, develop and implement energy solutions that optimize your energy usage, reduce unplanned downtime, drive your sustainability goals and protect your facility’s equipment.

How do we achieve each of these steps? We begin with metering and monitoring in an EMS.

Optimize Energy: Is equipment running when it doesn’t need to be? What can be slowed down or put in a setback mode, and how much would that save you? When are you experiencing energy use peaks?

Reduce Downtime:  Where is your electrical system approaching overload or a tripping point? Where does it have room to grow? If a trip occurred, what caused it?

Drive Sustainability: What are your real-time carbon emission equivalencies? Based on data and conservation steps, how much renewable power is needed? How many kilowatt hours [kWH] are used per product?

Protect Equipment: Does your system experience harmonic issues that damage equipment, or other power quality issues? Are they coming from the utility or your facility?

Ready to get started? Contact us and learn more about our energy solutions services, including metering, conservation, optimization, renewable energy and storage.

For information about the Schneider Electric EMS platform, please visit Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring Expert. As a Master EcoXpert™ with Schneider Electric, Faith Technologies can provide metering systems and services for clients.

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