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High School Youth Apprenticeship

Kick Start Your Career as a Youth Apprentice

Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI) is engaged with the State of Wisconsin to offer high school seniors the opportunity to take advantage of a youth apprenticeship. FTI’s program provides students with electrical and specialty systems technical experience and education credits while attending high school. Working with regional Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESA), consortiums and high schools, students throughout Wisconsin can come into our facilities and onto job sites to learn various aspects of the electrical trades, starting them on a great career path in the energy industry.

FTI youth apprentices earn an hourly wage and gain valuable experience during this year-long program. At the end of the youth apprenticeship period and upon graduation from high school, they can choose to continue their career with FTI within our general apprenticeship program, or in other areas of our organization.

Kick start your career with Faith Technologies as a youth apprentice.

Get Started on a Fulfilling Career

Learn Through Hands-On Experience

As a youth apprentice, you’ll be learning via classroom and field experience and education through Faith Technologies University with our number one core value of An Uncompromised Focus on Keeping People Safe, safety training is the first focus. All necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), tools and materials are provided. Our industry-leading instructors and job site leaders guide you on your daily learning path, with formal quarterly check-ins to confirm that you’re meeting requirements, and the program is meeting your educational needs. You’ll have all you need to gain a successful education and hands-on industry experience.

Earn As You Learn

FTI youth apprentices earn while they learn. You will receive a competitive hourly wage working full-time during the summer prior to your senior year, and part time during the school year. Youth apprentices must meet state requirements throughout the program to enable them to complete their learning and graduate from the program:

  • 450 work hours
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 10-hour safety course and first aid training
  • Additional educational credit (to be determined with guidance counselor or mentor)

Opportunities for Growth

Throughout the program year, FTI’s youth apprentices learn about the organization from company leaders, many who began their careers as apprentices. Through FTI’s Culture of Care, they experience the company’s commitment to caring for our team members’ total wellbeing—mind, body and soul.

Beginning an FTI career as a youth apprentice offers several advantages. Knowledge of the trade brings a clearer focus on future career goals. Team members who go on to complete FTI’s electrical or electronic systems apprenticeships often complete their required hours and learnings ahead of their peers.

A Debt-Free Education

While many high school seniors will face the reality of student loans, FTI youth apprentices will earn while they learn, with the opportunity to get a head start on a life-long career with no educational debt.

“FTI is looking to do more than just compensate you during the apprenticeship. They will invest in your education.” 
– Mark, Electrical Education Specialist


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Kick-start your career with FTI’s youth apprenticeship program.



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