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Markets & Capabilities

Construction is the Foundation of Faith Technologies.

Backed by innovations in process, technology, collaboration and partnerships, Faith Technologies’ team drives construction project success for some of the country’s largest global competitors. Demonstrating industry-breaking benchmarks, metrics and awards, Faith is the authority in electrical construction work that:

  • Optimizes Planning
  • Leverages Cross-Trade Collaboration
  • Leads Safety
  • Drives Productivity


Technology driven. Connectivity centric. Sustainably built. All of our clients have one thing in common: the need for buildings that are future ready.

Primed to deliver on time and under budget, we serve some of the fastest growing markets today:

  • Mission Critical: Data Centers, Hospitals, Manufacturing
  • General Building: Commercial, Healthcare, High-Rise/High-Density, Hospitality, Retail, Marine, Transportation
  • Industrial: Food Processing, Heavy Industrial, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy


Whether your need is a single scope, integrated project or an organizational-wide build program, our teams come to you with more than 50 years of construction experience. Leveraging technology and energy solutions, preconstruction planning and offsite construction, Faith’s cutting-edge controls, processes and technologies will move your project forward, keep you informed and maintain the budget you set out to achieve.

Is your goal is to have the most connected, technology-forward buildout that is 100% off the grid? Or do you need a modular buildout for speed, consistency and cost-savings? Whatever your project requirements, our teams are the most versatile in the industry to deliver.