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Critical Differentiators

Industry Transformation Through Relationship Experience

We believe that success can only be achieved when people and relationships come first. Finding ways to better serve our clients is what propels us forward and is the reason we bring more value to our clients than anyone else in the industry. Our recipe for success is what differentiates us from our competitors and is comprised of People, Planning, Productivity and Innovative Solutions.


We know that good people do good things for our clients. It’s the reason we continue to invest in more specialized and skilled technicians, providing them with the support and growth opportunities they need to succeed.

  • Ground Up Growth: 350 new apprentices each year for the next five years
  • Career Development: ACE mentoring and Hi-Po programs
  • Education Opportunities: Tuition reimbursement to continue learning
  • In-Field Training: 20% more formal training and 25% more classroom time
  • Planning for Capacity: Anticipating the skilled labor shortage


It takes effective people and planning to be productive, and as a testament to our process, we are 50% more productive than the average contractor while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality on your job site.


Our innovative planning processes are built around the three most important industry metrics; cost, safety and schedule. We’ve developed custom planning tools for our clients that provide production efficiencies and seamless collaboration from preconstruction to completion.

  • Conceptual Estimating: 95% bid accuracy in one fourth the time
  • Design for Excellence: 37% increase in engineering capacity from 2018 to 2020
  • Lean Process: Improved productivity through planning
  • Lead with Innovation: Leverage cutting-edge technology to drive industry advancements

Innovative Solutions

Having a team of strategic and intuitively smart experts ready to commit to you and your organizations growth is not traditional; but neither are we. Like you, we aim to align with only the most thoughtful industry leaders who have a cultural mindset of innovation and who refuse to accept anything less. We strive to provide solutions to your energy needs and beyond.