At Faith Technologies, our “Lead with Innovation” efforts have helped us become recognized as the go-to people in our fields of expertise.

Every project provides us an opportunity to innovate – to find new ways to reduce costs, compress schedules, and enhance quality and safety standards. By setting unparalleled standards in productivity and preconstruction, and by bringing manufacturing to construction, we are changing industry standards and the way that not only we do business, but the way future business will be performed in the industry.

Here are just some of the ways Faith Technologies is boosting project peace of mind.

  • Safety: Our safety record goes above and beyond the industry standard to better protect our people and your productivity.
  • Productivity: We have created a custom Lean movement to help us raise the benchmark in quality, safety, and efficiency. Currently we are at 64% primary time, which far exceeds the construction industry average of 42%.
  • Preconstruction: Our SmartStart process is the key to success for our most forward-thinking partners. Utilizing design, engineering, technology, as well as prefabrication and manufacturing, our teams bring tangible value to every project.
  • Design & Engineering: With an increased focus on aligning technical expertise with target markets early on, we’ve grown our design and engineering teams 56% over the last 24 months.
  • Innovation & Technology: Technology drives us, and continues to support our efforts to innovate and grow strategically. Our use of technology to build accuracy, efficiency, and safety on-site is second-to-none.
  • Excellerate: Through our commitment to project schedules, budget, safety, and efficiency, we review every project to determine how to best leverage Excellerate, our prefabrication and manufacturing services.
  • National Coverage: Our National Projects Group means we can go to work for you anywhere in the country.