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Electrical Risk Management 101

NFPA 70E arc flash compliance … and more

Accounting for OSHA’s 1910 Sub Part S 300 Series, along with NFPA 70E, isn’t an easy or clear path for interpretation for many employers. OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) includes specific safety compliance elements such as: PPE labeling, personal protection equipment (PPE), value driven one-line electrical diagrams, and lockout/tagout essentials. Faith Technologies’ electrical risk management programs identify core program compliance needs, strengthen safety cultures, and protect your company’s most valuable asset- your employees.



“Arc flash is more than just a PPE label” – Faith Technologies is focused on complete program depth



Qualified Electricians

When an audit of your facility is performed, it’s done by highly skilled and specialized electricians. Our staff knows electrical equipment and we also know how to relate well with your company team.


Comprehensive Documentation

We are thorough; physically tracing electrical feeds from breakers to plant equipment keeping your lockout/tagout (LOTO) integrity first on the list of importance to drive strong arc flash engineering results.


Entire Electrical Safety

Our commitment is to provide complete workplace electrical safety. Not only is our research used for OSHA and NFPA 70E compliance, it’s also applicable to LOTO. Expect to see significantly added success implementing your safety programs with Faith Technologies end user driven concepts that employees can recognize and understand.

What 2018 changes in NFPA 70E do you need to know?


Key changes to the code include:

  • Significant changes in Article 110 regarding expectations for employees to conduct risk assessments and job planning/briefing
  • Key exceptions that have been inserted within the code that can in some cases be taken with different interpretations regarding article 120.5 and “Establishing an Electrically Safe Condition”
  • Article 130 continues to define two methods for determining arc flash programs, however the 2018 code has introduced some code article topics that Faith Technologies feels is important to review such as “Likelihood of Occurrence” so each employer has a good interpretation on how to manage these code comments.

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