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Construction Management

Construction Management

A single point of contact makes everything easier. Our mission critical group manages every trade throughout the project – from mechanical and HVAC to fire suppression.

Since electrical/mechanical work makes up about 80% of the project scope, it’s second nature for our team to handle the strategic planning and coordination.

When we manage mission critical construction, we:

Increase expertise. Along with our vast experience managing multiple trades and access to 30 in-house engineers, our electrical expertise provides a clear advantage when working in a mission critical environment.

Decrease stress. One contact means one phone call. We keep you informed and the entire team coordinated to maintain project momentum, quality, and safety.

Avoid costly delays. Utilizing our streamlined design-build approach, we boost efficiencies while saving you money, delivering projects on time and often under budget.

Maintain safety. We specialize in complex methods of procedure as well as how to perform them as safely as possible. We also conduct our project work with as little disruption to your live environment as possible.

Stay adaptable and accountable. To help document and record project changes in real time, we’ve developed BIM-in-a-box – a portable system with full BIM capabilities that allows us to review and alter models and drawings right on site.