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In addition to sourcing and installing your system hardware, we also offer maintenance agreements to protect and preserve it for years to come.

Rather than deal with multiple maintenance vendors, Faith Technologies provides consolidated support for any number of units or data center locations – saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

We offer routine and urgent service support for the following:

UPS. Once your UPS system is out of warranty, we can offer a full-service agreement that covers parts, bi-annual routine labor, and emergency response. When needed, we can arrive on site in as little as four hours.

Generator. We offer a preventative service agreement that covers oil changes, fluid checks, and valve/connection maintenance. Even if we didn’t install your generator, we’ll help you maintain and protect it.

Consolidated. Faith Technologies provides preventative maintenance coverage for multiple systems – generators, UPS, HVAC, and even fire suppression – all under one contract. As with our other service offerings, maintenance reports are posted online for easy access and review.

Multi-location. We also offer service agreements if you’re operating from multiple locations, and in turn place all of your sites under one, easy-to-manage contract.