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Thermal Image Scanning

Help Detect Potential Illness with Thermal Imaging for Touchless Fever Screenings

Faith Technologies is a national leader in industry safety, so we understand the importance of providing the safest working conditions for your employees during the pandemic and beyond. That’s why we’ve researched and developed a turn-key contactless thermal imaging system for detecting elevated body temperature, a common symptom of illness.

Thermal imaging technology can provide highly accurate, contactless body temperature readings of employees and visitors entering your facilities. A custom thermal imaging system or fever screening system is an easily deployed solution for nearly any industry. We can quickly and efficiently develop, install and train your team on a custom solution that will enable you to accurately scan for elevated body temperatures and take appropriate action.

Features of Our Thermal Imaging Fever Detection Solution:

  • Reliably scan up to 16 people simultaneously
  • Results in less than one second
  • Accuracy to one-half degree
  • Touchless fever screening – aids in social distancing efforts
  • Seamless integration with various technology platforms

Great for facilities in:

  • Education
  • Events
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

“This solution gives our employees greater peace of mind. We now have systems installed in all of our entrances, so ANYONE coming in gets checked. Truck drivers, delivery personnel and vendors being allowed in the building caused concerns that have now been mitigated. I highly recommend these systems for any location that has more than a handful of people coming and going each day.” – Customer Testimonial