Heath Luedtke

VP Madison Branch/Mission Critical Group Manager

As a Vice President, Heath is responsible for the overall management of the Madison branch’s operations and personnel. Some of Heath’s key responsibilities include working with project managers to ensure projects are on-budget, on-schedule and meet customer expectations, in addition to providing direction with the planning, organizing and staffing of projects.

Heath is also Faith Technologies’ Mission Critical Group Manager. In this position, he provides the overall management of mission critical projects, including call centers, data centers, computer rooms, and switching stations, and oversees the enterprise’s project management team. He supports the enterprise’s business strategy and profitability by providing accurate budgets, effectively managing sales and gross margin, and establishing and maintaining customer relationships.

Heath joined Faith Technologies in 1994, and has enjoyed working on both the electrical and low voltage side of the company, as it has helped him look at projects from different users’ perspectives.


Data Center Power Consumptions and Outages - Their Effect on Lives

August 30, 2012

Data Center Power Consumptions & Outages – Their Effect on Lives

More recently, we have seen notable power outages around the world. In early July, a massive storm swept into the Mid-Atlantic…