Rebecca Peredo

Vice President of Logistics

As Vice President of Logistics at Faith Technologies, Rebecca was responsible for optimizing the supply chain both externally, from supplier interactions through point of installation, and internally, from estimating to execution. Her role included finding hidden capacity within our partnerships and operations, and unlocking it to generate higher value for our customers, collaborating with various departments within the company to develop processes from a cross-dimensional perspective.

Rebecca joined Faith Technologies in 2018, and holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from Oxford University. In 2008 she co-founded the Texas Energy Managers Association, a professional association for those responsible for energy management in public entities. Her career has included end-user energy and sustainability management, strategy consulting and operations management.

In her free time, Rebecca volunteers with various non-profit organizations through the Taproot Foundation, travels internationally, and races in triathlons – with varying degrees of success!


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