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A Focus on Core Values

The handling of a crisis gives organizations the opportunity to show what they are made of and show employees why they should trust the organization to take care of them. Faith Technologies has consistently made this a priority. On numerous occasions, this has meant keeping folks working and earning a paycheck during economic downtimes. Now it’s all about extending flexibility to team members during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Faith Technologies’ number one core value is an uncompromised focus on keeping people safe. As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to issue recommendations to help lessen the spread of COVID-19, Faith Technologies has taken numerous precautions to ensure the health and well-being of our employees. To us, health equals safety. Faith Technologies made the decision early on to postpone all non-essential meetings and events, including all training classes, and we continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC regarding quarantine and social distance requirements.

This type of abrupt change requires the team to adapt and be flexible in the short-term. Making decisions through the lens of our core values continues. As soon as the organization decided to cancel training classes, Faith Technologies University took an “all hands on deck” approach to focus on the development and continuous improvement of our curriculum with a goal to overhaul our apprenticeship curriculum during this time. Each team member is stepping outside his/her comfort zone for the common good of the organization, demonstrating how we focus on individual results that create team success.

Another critical step we’ve taken during this time is to continue to communicate with our learners. We’re keeping them updated with the latest information we have regarding the organization’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, providing them as much insight as possible about when training classes will resume and ensuring that apprentices will continue to meet their anticipated graduation dates. At Faith Technologies, completion of training classes is critical to an individual’s career development. By keeping our learners engaged, we let them know that we haven’t forgotten about this. It’s an extra step that allows us to continue to build trust in everything we do.

While it’s critical to stay on track with long-term goals, Faith Technologies continues to redefine what’s possible by taking a proactive, employee-centric approach that puts the focus on our employees’ health and safety. By turning to our core values to make decisions during these uncertain times, we ensure that we continue to keep the best interests of our employees, our clients and our organization top of mind.