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A Modern Apprenticeship for Today’s Tech-Hungry World

Faith Technologies’ Electronic Systems Technician (EST) apprenticeship is a three-year program with a curriculum that caters to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry. So what is communication technology? Well, it’s synonymous with things like computer networks, voice/data, fiber optics, and the Internet. ICT also covers electronic safety and security systems such as fire alarm, access control, and surveillance technology. These concepts all share two major traits: rapid technological growth and constant change.

With the ICT industry being as sophisticated and intricate as it is, Faith Technologies’ EST apprenticeship program is fortunate to benefit from the publications and training programs offered by BICSI. BICSI is an international nonprofit association for cabling design and installation professionals, and strives to provide information, education, and knowledge assessment for individuals in the ICT field. With the support of their technical and design manuals, we’re able to produce quality ESTs with an impressive understanding of industry standards and best practices.

As a senior technical training consultant at Faith Technologies, it’s my job to create a curriculum and learning environment that will accelerate our EST apprentices into future leaders in the ICT industry. As a certified BICSI instructor, I’m enabled to provide each of these individuals with an opportunity to earn an internationally recognized trade credential under our own roof. Every apprentice that goes through our EST training program has the opportunity to add this certification to his or her resume and join the ever-growing list of credentialed trade professionals here at Faith.

If you are looking for a career in the ICT industry and want to find out more about our company, check out this video on our apprenticeship program. Today’s tech-savvy world is waiting!