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A New Standard of Training: Wireless-Telecommunications Training Program

The nationwide pressure for “bigger, faster, better” cellular telecommunication services , coupled with the significant advances in equipment technology, were instrumental in Faith Technologies’ decision to establish highly specialized, expertly trained teams focused on safe, efficient and quality installations in the wireless sector. With experience working for several national providers, Faith Technologies has completed various projects, from upgrades on towers over 500 feet to new implementations of DAS / small cell systems. 

To provide the safest, most responsive service possible, wireless professionals at Faith Technologies attend a three week technical training program to prepare for the specific needs of wireless construction. The program provides in-depth classroom and hands-on training that includes: safety and regulatory training, technical training and hands-on system installation, and mock builds. Faith Technologies constructed a 3,400 square foot training tower lab, with the capacity for 18 four-person crews to train at one time. The lab is comprised of nine towers – four self-support and five monopoles to ensure employees gain the experience essential to a successful transition to the field.

Faith Technologies made the commitment to training to our wireless-telecommunications employees are well trained with a strong safety culture, but also understand the requirements of changing communication industry. We invite you to learn more about the wireless-telecommunication training program in the video below: