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Arc Flash? NFPA 70E?

Employers have a lot to keep on top of in today’s work environment – state or federal OSHA guidelines, insurance and risk carrier recommendations, facility management and safety compliance guidelines that address infrared testing, switchgear testing and maintenance, and NFPA 70E assessments.

I am continuously being asked questions on the subject, and because there is so much information out there, I wanted to share some great sources with our faithful blog subscribers to help answer your electrical risk management questions.


The Wisconsin Safety Council is the state’s leading provider of workplace safety training and programming. WSC provides training, products, certification, research, resources and collaboration for the thousands of safety and health professionals in Wisconsin. They recently held two great annual events worth sharing:

  • Professional Development Day: The event is a part of the annual WSC Safety and Health Conference and Expo, and provides safety, facility, and health professionals with the opportunity to network with others in the industry, increase their knowledge, and give them the tools and techniques to build and improve safety within their organizations. Faith Technologies presented at this year’s event with Pat Ostrenga, Former Compliance Assistance Specialist for OSHA, on Electrical Safe Work Practices. More than 40 safety directors and key site managers participated to discuss some of the key electrical code issues surrounding NFPA 70E.
  • Safety and Health Conference and Expo: WSC’s expo brings together more than 150 safety vendors and service providers to share the latest products, services and technologies to enhance your organization’s safety program. I personally attended and was able to network one-on-one with individuals to help understand their specific electrical risk management needs.


This is a free opportunity Faith Technologies’ extends to safety and facility managers as a means to share their safety compliance challenges, network to provide solutions and offer best practices, and address key changes to the NFPA 70E code. I recently conducted a seminar in Neenah, WI, and it was a huge success! More than 80 individuals attended, and we were able to address a number of questions on safety compliance needs, electrical risk management programs, and current OSHA trends in the industry. If you are interested Faith Technologies’ hosting a NFPA 70E seminar near you, please complete the “request a quote” form below.

Faith Technologies was honored to participate and host these safety-related workshops and events. We value being a supporting member of the safety community, and enjoyed networking and connecting with other industry experts.