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Are You Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights?

At Faith Technologies, we’re continuing to find new ways to redefine what’s possible – creating innovative technology at all new levels. Earlier this year, we introduced an energy immersion center at Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve, exhibiting our company’s best-in-class energy-creating abilities, and just a few weeks ago we unveiled a mobile microgrid at EAA AirVenture 2018 in Oshkosh, WI. We’ve also been creating new opportunities through the expansion of our Excellerate manufacturing services, building relationships with industry leaders throughout the country.

These efforts, and others, are enabling us to create value with our intellectual property (IP) rights. IP rights are created when a person or company creates concepts or ideas that are unique to the market. They can be tangible, like items or products, or intangible, like trademarks or brand names. As Faith continues to innovate on behalf of itself, we’re not only bringing solutions to our customers, we’re also working to create independent IP rights.

As our company continues to innovate, we’re establishing our rights to our IP, as well. Internally, for example, we’ve created an Employee Innovation Award program where employees are encouraged to develop new or better ways to do things. These innovations have resulted in performances that have increased productivity and efficiency, as well as safety, and we’re excited to continue to encourage and reward these efforts by our team members across the organization.

Faith Technologies is currently in the process of submitting its first of many patent applications to continue to develop and protect our innovation efforts. Are you encouraging innovation at your organization? If you are, be sure to also pursue and protect your IP.