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BIM: Virtual Construction for Electrical Contracting

BIM Sample

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a model is worth a thousand pictures.

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has drastically grown over the past few years. For Faith Technologies, having this knowledge of BIM has helped in the interview processes, as well as the design and completion of several projects. BIM tools are important in the design and construction process, not just as a visual presentation because they:

Eliminate Waste:

  • Duplication of documents is eliminated as the 3D model is drawn once and used for plan and elevation views and schedules.

Improve Quality:

  • Improved coordination between all trades on a project avoids potential conflicts.
  • Greater customer understanding of construction process.

Eliminate Re-work:

  • Allow for sequencing of work to be determined before installation.
  • RFI’s can be reduced drastically.

Improve Productivity:

  • Greater understanding of construction by field use of the 3D model before installation.
  • Prefabrication opportunities discovered early and with more accuracy.

Trade coordination is an effort between BIM modelers, detailers, and field superintendents so the models they create represent their vision of installation. These models are then sent to the field, along with drawings that allow the electricians to virtually walk through the buildings they are in charge of. This collaboration is crucial not only to our own people, but to every team on a project. These efficiencies help to create a successful project that the owner will notice.

Faith Technologies’ preconstruction team recently put together a video illustrating BIM’s powerful benefits. This video helps viewers better understand BIM, its purpose, and most importantly, the benefits this service can bring to customers. The final version is now available on Faith Technologies’ website, so be sure to check it out!