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Celebrating the Marriage of Physical Security & Information Management

Officiant:  Do you, Physical Security, take Information Management to be your lawfully wedded partner?

Physical Security:  I do

Officiant:  Do you, Information Management, take Physical Security to be your lawfully wedded partner?

Information Management:  I do

Officiant:  I now pronounce that they are PSIM (Physical Security Information Management)

The Wedding Party Celebrates!
(Director of Security, Director of Facilities, and Director of IT)

With Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, encoders, and network recorders taking market share from legacy analog systems at a rapid pace, their advent has contributed to the popularity of Video Management Systems (VMS).  According to Axis Communications, VMS software offers live viewing, storage and retrieval of video sequences. Advanced VMS software contains features such as:

  • Simultaneous viewing and recording of live video from multiple cameras
  • Several recording modes: continuous, scheduled, on alarm and on motion detection
  • Capacity to handle high frame rates and large amounts of data
  • Multiple search functions for recorded events
  • Remote access via a Web browser, client software, and even PDA client
  • Control of PTZ and dome cameras
  • Alarm management functions such as sound alarm, pop-up windows, or e-mail
  • Full duplex, real-time audio support
  • Video intelligence

For many organizations, VMS software is the only thing needed. However, other organizations need more than Physical Security to protect their employees, customers, and property. They need to be situationally aware of their environment, have proper operating procedures in place, and maintain an audit trail logging all activities and actions.

Physical Security Information System (PSIM) can help your organization be more situationally aware. The PSIM collects information from various disparate systems, correlates and analyzes the data. This includes events and alarms from:

* Video Surveillance                     * Access Control Transaction (POS)          * Intrusion Detection

* Cyber Security                           * Communications                                      * License Plate Recognition (LPR)

* Building Automation (BAS)        * Video Analytics                                          * Fire and Life Safety

* Traffic Management                   * Intercoms                                                  * Perimeter Detection

* Radiation Sensors                     * Various other networks and systems that organizations may utilize

The PSIM manages incoming information in order to identify unique situations and their priorities. This information is illustrated in a logical fashion to the organization’s control room.

Business Intelligence (BI) has been employed for years and provides companies with data to facilitate better business decision-making.  This computer- based technique has made its way to the security industry and is allowing for adaptive and flexible control. PSIM is designed to give businesses high level security while allowing your team to operate in an efficient, accountable manner. Situational awareness is crucial when making vital business decisions and taking appropriate action. Properly integrated PSIM software will give your organization a high level of situational awareness, providing you with the tools your organization needs to establish a secure environment from a virtual command and control center.

Check back with us in a future blog post to see how the marriage of Physical Security and Information Management is progressing!