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Charged! Video 1: Creating a Safety Mindset

When you believe in something, it means you trust it at your core. When it comes to safety, beliefs are extremely important. At Faith Technologies, we believe that safety is a mindset, and we’re charged with keeping our people safe every day.

As the winner of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) – Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Award for 2020, we’re also charged with bringing the industry along on our journey to zero injuries. In our Charged video series, you’ll learn more about Faith Technologies’ safety program and come away with ways you can implement best safety practices in your organization to keep yourself and your team safe on the job and at home.

In our first episode, we’re sharing how creating a safety mindset changes the way you think about everything you do. If you adopt that belief as a core value, it will transform your organization, just like it transformed ours. Watch Charged Video 1: Mind, below, and follow the upcoming series on on our company website, where we’ll  be sharing new content in the weeks to come.

So what are you charged with?