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Charged! Video 5: Pre-Planning and Manufacturing

Planning is powerful. It’s not about creating checklists; it’s about intention. It’s about deciding to achieve something and putting thought into how you can accomplish that task as safely as possible. At Faith Technologies, we know that the sooner we’re involved in a project, in pre-planning and design up front, the better we’re able to positively impact the project scope, schedule and budget.

As the winner of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) – Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Award for 2020, Faith Technologies is charged with bringing the industry along on our journey to zero injuries. In our Charged! video series, you’ll learn more about Faith Technologies’ safety program and come away with ways you can implement best safety practices in your organization to keep yourself and your team safe on the job and at home.

In our Charged! video series Episode 5: Pre-Planning and Manufacturing, you’ll also hear how manufacturing helps shift secondary tasks from the job site to a controlled environment, boosting primary time and reducing the risk of injuries. See the episode below and check out our company Video Gallery, where we’ll continue to share new content in the weeks to come.

Combining pre-planning and manufacturing sets the stage for a smooth project that can ultimately be completed more quickly, efficiently and safely. How can you use them to positively affect safety on your projects?