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Charged! Video 6: This is Where it Starts

Having a culture that focuses on safety is important, but how do you create that culture? Is it from your safety team ensuring everyone on a job site knows how to work safely? Is it in messages from your CEO reminding everyone to be safe? At Faith Technologies, we ensure that all employees receive the information they need to work safely beginning on their first day with us, but that’s just the start.

In our Charged! video series Episode 6: Faith Technologies University, we share how safety training begins before our employees step onto a job site and continues daily throughout their career at Faith. Our Short-Service Employee (SSE) program matches each new field employee with a mentor for the first several months on the job and has enabled us to reduce safety incidents among new employees by 90%. Each year, our employees receive an average of 70 hours of training, compared to an industry average of 40 hours.

As the winner of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) – Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Award for 2020, Faith Technologies is charged with bringing the industry along on our journey to zero injuries. In our Charged! video series, you’ll learn more about Faith Technologies’ safety program and come away with ways you can implement best safety practices in your organization to keep yourself and your team safe on the job and at home.

Creating a safety culture can start small. If you don’t have a safety department, choose a safety champion who can take on the responsibility to initiate and drive safety practices throughout everything you do. See our Charged! video gallery for ideas to incorporate at your organization and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if we can help. Working together, we make our industry safer.