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Choosing the Right Clean Energy Partner

Finding the right energy partner in today’s marketplace can be difficult, to say the least. Depending on your energy needs, how do you find internal and external resources, define energy reduction scopes and choose the right partner to move your company forward in the energy space you are in?

There are a number of questions to consider as you determine your steps. Do you have the right internal resources to develop scope, or do you need external support? Are you in the greenhouse gas (GHG) scope 1 or 2 journey? Do you solely rely on internal or external partners to evaluate, develop and execute projects to reduce your energy consumption? Do you understand how the Inflation Reduction Act and other incentives may affect your capital project costs? With so many questions and directions to consider, many companies hesitate to move forward with energy reduction projects because they do not know where to start.

Complex energy solutions require a significant investment of time and internal/external resources to provide outcomes that meet your defined goals and objectives. When choosing an energy subcontractor or partner, there must be sufficient evidence that that company can execute and perform and meet these objectives. Are you looking at electrical, natural gas, water or other energy reductions? Are you considering the addition of electric vehicle (EV) charging at your business? If one of your goals is to reduce electrical consumption, you’ll want to learn how to offset some of the costs of charging vehicles and how this works in real time.

At FTI, we call this journey the Path to Smarter Energy™. It involves a highly collaborative effort with our clients that begins where they’re at in their energy journey and is flexible to their needs. Some organizations are just beginning their clean energy journey, so we start at the beginning, assessing their current energy usage. Most customers have some data that they use for analysis in raw form, such as monthly energy bills from their provider. While this shows the previous usage and costs, it does little for real-time energy control and management of these systems. Understanding what you want to monitor and control and how to do this is an important first step. We can set up monitoring and control systems to help avoid additional peak demand costs and offset additional loads while still maintaining your facilities efficiently.

For organizations that have already completed some energy initiatives, we’re able to support their continuing needs starting farther downstream to identify next steps or address opportunities that may have been missed. We’re also there to provide continual system optimization as technologies or organizational energy goals change.

At FTI, we have the experience and knowledge to help our clients migrate and validate their intended energy initiatives with experts in solar, energy storage, distributed energy, EV charging, lighting, power monitoring, electrical infrastructure, building automation and more. We work to find the right solutions that meet your needs, wherever you’re at in your energy journey. Contact us today to learn more.