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Coaching for Safety

Coaching for SafetyWe’re currently deep into the NCAA football season, and about halfway through the NFL regular season. Every team has been forced to deal with adversity – some on the field and some off the field. In a very competitive environment, there is very little to differentiate the top performers from those at the bottom of the standings. Two big factors are apparent when winning teams are evaluated: Consistency and Balance.

Winning teams have a solid game plan, and execute it with tenacity. They avoid the tendency to shift into a completely reactive mode, and everyone on the team shares commitment towards a common goal. This helps to avoid freelancing where individuals draft their own plans independently of the organization.

Winning teams know how to win on both sides of the ball – offense and defense – and dedicate resources to both efforts appropriately. When coaching our industrial athletes for safety performance, these same factors will help generate success. It’s important to consider both offense and defense when evaluating a safety management plan.

Offensive Plays:

  • Safety Audits/Inspections
  • Training
  • Toolbox Talks / Pre-work meetings
  • Preplanning for Safety
  • Orientation
  • Employee Participation
  • Communication & Feedback
  • Leadership
  • Safety Equipment
  • Safety Recognition
  • Safety Committees

Defensive Plays:

  • Insurance Claims Process
  • Accident Reporting
  • Accident Investigation
  • Safety Committee Incident Review
  • Contract Management
  • Discipline
  • Crisis Management

Maintaining consistency and balance in your safety program will help your drive to the end zone (zero injuries) and avoid interceptions.