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Construction Safety Week

Construction Safety Week, May 1-5, is an annual event in which individuals, organizations and even competitors come together to commemorate and commit to making safety the foundation of everything they do. This year’s theme is Strong Voices, Safe Choices.

FTI is marking 2023 Construction Safety Week by spotlighting safety as one of our core values: our Uncompromised Focus on Keeping People Safe. Throughout the year, FTI continues to build upon a strong internal safety culture with our dedicated field operations, Excellerate and field service teams, as well as office employees. Safety week creates an opportunity to not only recommit to our internal safety but also to demonstrate the advantages of our built-in safety features in our high-quality work in everything we do.

Building strong teams who work safely is our most important job. We must work together to create a culture and environment where everyone feels they can step in, speak up and take action to keep their team and job site safe. That’s why this year’s Safety Week emphasizes the strength that comes from empowering everyone to own and act on safety. Construction is both physically and mentally demanding. We believe as leaders in our respective markets, we have a responsibility to acknowledge the challenges our customers and workers face and create an environment where safety is a natural priority, whether that’s in our own FTI facilities or while working for our customers and clients.

This week is a chance to renew our commitment to each other and focus on creating a safe, supported environment across the industry. FTI has over 3,000 employees across the country. For us, Safety Week is an opportunity to show each other what it means to be safe and why it’s important to each of us. We are proud to participate in Safety Week and recognize the many elements that go into job site safety. There is nothing more important than keeping our teams and customers safe.

As we focus on Construction Safety Week, it’s a continuation of what we do daily to strive for our Path To Zero injuries.