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Demand For Data Centers Continues to Grow

The demand for data centers has become higher than ever because of cloud computing, communicating over social media outlets, and online shopping. A recent article, The ‘Facebook Effect’ and the Data Center Market posted on Data Center Knowledge, talks about how social networking sites are a major reason for data center demand. Facebook uses several servers to constantly update news feeds and upload photos for its 600 million users, and now with the addition of Skype video chat, the demand for server space will continue to rise.

Also, check out this video by the US Department of Energy on the importance of creating energy-efficient data centers by incorporating features such as power-saving “stand-by” modes, energy monitoring software, and efficient cooling systems instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. With the world’s ever-growing reliance on data back up, data centers will continue to grow in demand and it’s our responsibility to make them as energy efficient as possible.