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Design Build Project Approach Ends in Success

three-75hp-air-compressors-and-air-dryers-that-supply-instrument-air-to-the-plant-for-control-devicesFaith Technologies has an established relationship with one of North America’s leading industrial producers located in Kasota, MN.

This company produces sand for the manufacturing of glass, ceramics, electronics, oil, and gas, and recently they installed a new 50,000 square foot tailings plant to make the site more environmentally-friendly. Here, unusable sand is processed and deposited back on the property.

Faith Technologies was awarded this design-build project due to our experience in this market. Our scope of work included the grounding, power distribution, lighting, motor controls, and instrumentation, in addition to the electrical design, electrical installation, and automation and process control components.

What made this project unique from the beginning, was the long design timeframe and short installation / construction period. The project was put on hold by the owners for four weeks due to a decrease in oil prices, which extended the design phase and shortened the schedule for install, making it challenging for the construction component of the project to finish within schedule. This delay caused the construction phase to progress through the winter months, which offered many challenges as our team faced the Minnesota winter conditions.

Despite these challenges, we were proud to end this project with many wins including an accident-free safety record, a power distribution savings of 10% through the design phase, and time savings due to our effective design-build process.

A special thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success!