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Educational Opportunities at Faith Technologies

Educational Opportunities at Faith TechnologiesIn his most recent State of the Union address, President Obama encouraged employers to increase their offerings of educational benefits and paid apprenticeships. The President spoke on behalf of American citizens asking for higher-paying job opportunities for those without higher education. While listening to his address, I couldn’t help but reflect on all of the ways that Faith Technologies is already providing its employees with these very benefits.

The leaders of Faith Technologies have supported employee development since the beginning by creating a culture that values the personal and professional development of its employees. The company is proud to provide benefits such as apprenticeship programs, a tuition reimbursement program, high potential leadership opportunities, and a robust internal learning and development program, among other job-specific training opportunities.

Last year, Faith Technologies increased its apprenticeship openings by 200% when the company moved electrical apprenticeship training in-house across the company. Additionally, the company began to award incoming apprentices with a full tuition scholarship, along with the opportunity to keep the scholarship throughout the program, as long as specific performance criteria are met and maintained. By establishing this performance criteria, Faith Technologies is successfully offering substantial educational benefits for its employees, while staying true to its values of merit and excellence.

The educational opportunities at Faith Technologies do not stop with apprenticeship. In the last five years, the high potential leadership program has expanded enrollment by an average of 48% each year. This program identifies employees with the potential to become company leaders in the near future, and provides these individuals with additional learning and mentoring opportunities throughout the year. The program has become not only an educational benefit, but also an integral piece in the company’s strategic plan.

In order to provide the best training and development opportunities possible, the Learning and Development team must stay one step ahead of a constantly evolving industry. Continuous improvement is critical in any training or educational field. In a recent blog post, Scott Haldiman, Technical Training Consultant, explained how Faith Technologies uses continuous improvement processes in the company’s electrical apprenticeship program to ensure that the information provided in the classroom is relevant to what the employees are doing in the field. By ensuring that training aligns closely with the skill set needed today, Faith Technologies is able to produce journey-level workers more efficiently and create growth throughout the business.

At Faith Technologies, you can achieve your career goals through the wide variety of educational opportunities with an employer who values the unique contributions of each employee. My own career path at Faith Technologies has been shaped by the training and mentoring I have received, along with the company’s tremendous growth. President Obama said that he wants companies to follow the lead of those who already offer a strong educational benefits package for its employees. Faith Technologies is one of these leaders.

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