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Electrical Licensing: Why Is It Required?

CaptureThere are various licensing requirements within the construction industry one must consider based on the type of work being performed. As an electrical contractor, Faith Technologies is often required to obtain an electrical contractor license prior to performing any work. The requirements vary from jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction, so it is important to verify every project location’s requirements before work begins. Faith Technologies is licensed, and currently able to perform work as an electrical contractor in 45 states.

The purpose of requiring licensing in the construction industry is to protect the public from harm by setting education and experience standards, as well as competencies that contractors and their employees must obtain and operate under. The general public may not have the sufficient knowledge and experience needed to identify an unqualified contractor from a qualified one, so licensing requirements and standards are a safeguard when the public is hiring contractors to perform work.

In addition to licensing requirements for Faith Technologies, the individual tradesmen performing electrical work are often required to obtain a license in the jurisdiction where they are working, as well. Their classification in the electrical trade – superintendent, foreman, journeyman, apprentice, helper, etc. – and their years of experience determines what license type they are qualified for.

Faith Technologies understands the value of maintaining the necessary licensing requirements. Every employee is required to maintain at least on license matching their classification. Currently Faith Technologies has 481 apprentice licenses, 960 journeyman licenses, and 157 master licenses. Some employees carry more than one license to make up the numbers mentioned above. As a benefit to our employees, and to make sure the necessary licenses are obtained, Faith Technologies also covers all of the costs associated with obtaining any required licenses beyond the first one.

Faith Technologies is passionate about being a leader in the electrical construction industry, and has a remarkable reputation. Abiding by all necessary licensing requirements is one way Faith Technologies maintains its reputation. Beyond wanting to operate correctly in every jurisdiction where we have an ongoing project, Faith Technologies also wants its customers and the public to know its employees are properly licensed, knowledgeable, and up-to-date with all their required education in the electrical field. Our motto states “IT’S ABOUT CONFIDENCE. YOURS.” and licensing is one component of how we build and maintain the confidence of our customers and the public.