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Faces of Faith Technologies | Meet Briar, Electrical Apprentice

At Faith Technologies, we have some amazing employees who make our culture unique. The Faces of Faith Technologies series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work with us. Each month, we’ll introduce you to several of these individuals so you can get to know the ‘Faces of Faith Technologies.’ This month, we talked to Electrical Apprentice Briar Campbell from our Tulsa, Oklahoma branch. Briar joined Faith in 2015 after graduating from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT). Here’s what he had to say:

What led you to work for Faith Technologies?

After graduating high school in 2013, I went to OSUIT tech school. The Faith Tulsa shop was starting in the area and we had a recruiter come up to that college. He talked about getting hired with Faith and going back into an apprenticeship program. I thought that it would be a good way to learn more, so as soon as I graduated from OSUIT, I went ahead and got hired with Faith.

What does your position entail?

I recently passed my Journeyman test. I am working under Faith on level four and I still have three classes left. I am currently leading five guys running branch power.

What are some of your favorite things about your job?

We are currently hanging lights, and anytime you can turn on lights and see progress is my favorite part. I enjoy when a building is starting to finish, hanging lights, getting them turned on and completing rooms.

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work?

I just recently got into knife making with my brother. I’m also a really big fan of hunting, fishing and the outdoors, including going on hiking trails. I went down to Devil’s Den in Arkansas most recently.

Are there any personal accomplishments you would like to share?

I was happy about getting my Journeyman’s license last May.

Do you have any aspirations, either inside or outside of work, that you’d like to share?

I want to stay focused on becoming a well-rounded electrician, and maybe become a foreman within the next three to five years.

What’s your why?

People take their six senses for granted, but when you see somebody lose a finger or something, it really impacts their life. For me, it’s about leaving work the same way you came in. ​

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