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Faith Technologies’ Employees Are Taking Healthy Selfies

Haily Romenesko, a Faith Technologies' employee, taking a "selfie" while holding a yoga pose as part of the Healthy Selfie wellness photo contest.One of the necessities of a successful wellness program is to make it fun. Incorporating creative, new and enjoyable initiatives into a company wellness program is the key to engaging your employee population. So what fun things is your company doing?

Here at Faith Technologies, we recently rolled out a ‘Healthy Selfie’ contest. Through it, we are encouraging employees and their family members to share healthy ‘selfie’ photos of themselves doing healthy activities using the hashtag #FTWellness. Examples of healthy ‘selfies’ could include eating healthy meals, pre- or post-work out photos, walking their dog, etc. Each month, 10 winners, those with the most inspirational and creative photos, are chosen to win a variety of wellness prizes. In December, when our contest ends, we will also be holding a grand prize drawing for everyone that participated.

Now almost two months into our wellness contest, many conversations can be heard amongst employees about what their next healthy ‘selfie’ will be. Participants are allowed to upload one submission each day, so there is some competition out there about who can take the most or best healthy ‘selfies.’ We’re seeing a lot of engagement and comradery!

Promoting this contest has been essential to its success. To kick it off, posters were hung, e-mails were sent, conversations were had, and flyers were given out during our annual Health Risk Assessments. Each one of Faith Technologies’ 15 locations also has a Wellness Charger that is responsible for promoting our wellness program within their location and ensuring our program is a success. They continue to encourage participation in this contest, as well as other company wellness initiatives throughout the year.

We are excited to continue this contest, and are always eager to check out our company Facebook page each day to see what photos have been submitted. If you haven’t already, please “like us” on Facebook and visit the gallery of submitted photos by selecting the Healthy Selfie Photo Contest tab (and then select Gallery).

A special “thank you” to all our employees and their family members who have participated so far! Thank you for showing off your healthy lifestyles.