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Faith Technologies Project Spotlight: DoMUS Apartments

DoMUS is a six-story luxury apartment complex in the historic Third Ward district of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a mantra of Home Redefined, the DoMUS name is based on a loose derivative of a term used to describe luxury homes in ancient Greece. With penthouse-level finishes and high-end detail throughout, Faith Technologies worked as a design-build partner, supporting the vision of the Mandel Group through partnered execution with C.D. Smith Construction.

Faith Technologies was engaged in the early planning stages of this project, and having similar goals and objectives helped create strong teamwork early on, paving the way for wins with our virtual design and construction processes, our ability to drive project hours off-site through Faith’s Excellerate preconstruction services, and our strong dedication to productivity processes.

  • Virtual Design and Construction: For this premier-level apartment project, Faith was able to engage our engineering teams through the use of partner-shared CAD drawings, creating exact detailed plans for each floor. This set the stage for cost-effective procurement of materials, as well as efficient assembly production through Excellerate.
  • Excellerate: Through cross-departmental collaboration of field and office detailing, the team was able to provide best-fit materials and assemblies that not only reduced costs for the client, but also created repeatable efficiencies through Excellerate, our prefabrication and manufacturing services. With 22 percent of field labor hours being redirected to Excellerate, efficiencies were built through our Room in a Tote process. Floor by floor, materials arrived in a just in time manner, with each room presorted and labeled with installation drawings.

“Faith’s prefabrication process enabled some of the most efficient unit rough-in and finish work I’ve witnessed to date,” said Nate Gebert, Senior Project Manager of the Mandel Group. “The Faith team provided an impeccable standard of care when working through field issues, clearly understanding the quality expectations of the project and working with ownership to deliver great quality and craftsmanship on one of Mandel Group’s feature properties.”

  • Productivity: Coordinated use of material logistics and efficient installation systems are the foundations of Faith’s high productivity levels. With the DoMUS jobsite averaging 70 percent primary time (versus the industry average of 42 percent), installations were completed nearly twice as quickly with a zero-waste threshold.

Congratulations to the DoMUS project team. Together we were able to deliver this high-quality build to our partners on time, on budget, and with a perfect safety record.